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2102, 2018

.au Domain Name Reforms Spell Trouble for Businesses

By | February 21st, 2018|Categories: Business Advice, Trademarks|Tags: , , , , , |0 Comments

The ‘.au’ says a lot about a website. It indicates that a website is local and accountable under Australian law. Accordingly, it invites the trust and business of local and international web users. Now, the [...]

1902, 2018

Employer’s OH&S Duties To Employees Who Work From Home

By | February 19th, 2018|Categories: Business Advice, Compliance, employees, Employment Law|Tags: , , , , , |0 Comments

This article deals with the following questions: When does an employer owe a duty with respect to occupational health and safety to employees who work from home? What are those duties under the OHS Act [...]

1202, 2018

Employment Law Case Study: Unlawful Dismissal

By | February 12th, 2018|Categories: Business Advice, Compliance, employees, Employment Law|Tags: , , , , |0 Comments

Terminating employees during their probation period can still result in damages if the general protections provisions of the Fair Work Act are breached Terminating employees who are not suitable for the business during the probationary [...]

602, 2018

It’s More Expensive When It Rains

By | February 6th, 2018|Categories: Business Advice|Tags: , , , |0 Comments

Is discriminatory pricing illegal? Should it be? Every lawyer can complete the question ‘is it legal if…’ with an anecdote that could find its place in a deck of Cards Against Humanity. On occasions, however, [...]

502, 2018

When Heads of Agreement Fail

By | February 5th, 2018|Categories: Business Advice, Business Partnerships, Compliance, Contracts, Dispute Resolution|Tags: , , , , , |0 Comments

THE RECENT CASE OF CASDAR PTY LTD V JOSEPH FANOUS[1] reminds us of the hazards of non-binding and informal agreements. In that case, a Landlord, relying on a signed Heads of Agreement as the source [...]

202, 2018

Excessive Surcharges? Expect Excessive Penalties

By | February 2nd, 2018|Categories: Business Advice, Compliance|Tags: , , , , , |0 Comments

Per the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (the CCA), a surcharge on card payments must not exceed the actual cost of processing the fee. The ACCC made this blatantly clear in November last year when [...]

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